The Holidays Matter, And Mine Did

I don't celebrate Christmas. I don't believe in it. I mean, the December 25th celebration. I believe that Christ was born in April, and that more than His birth, His death and ressurection is what matters most, the reason for our soul's eternal salvation. But I live in the Philippines, a country that takes the... Continue Reading →



  I came to the office and he didn't even smile at me, something he usually does whenever I arrive. I sat there and something felt gloomy about him. The other developer was talking to him but he barely even opened his mouth. The other web designer arrived a few minutes after me and tried... Continue Reading →


Damn. My footsteps are heavy. Maybe I shouldn't have come. It's not too late to turn back anyway. But oh no. The door opened. The company's year-end party was tonight and my anxiety is getting the best out of me because I am so scared to even say a word. I looked inside and saw... Continue Reading →

Of Suffering

"OF SUFFERING" They imagine paths of floral petals left at every graceful sway of your form, But the road is devoured as daggers of pain and agony shoot from those weary feet. Yet the soil graces each thrusts of sharp edges that fall into its folds, The pool of your tears entering the slits of... Continue Reading →


I hate dreams. I have learned to hate them. But I still have to embrace them. After my numerous encounters with dreams of mine that give me either a warning or a glimpse of the future, I learned to always take them heed. My mom always says that dreams are the works of your mind.... Continue Reading →

Hi! My Name is Keji!

I was born into a small house in a very quiet neighborhood. I can't remember who my mother was anymore. Maybe she looked like me, or maybe my brother. I don't know. But what I do remember is that they gave us away. It was a sad day, I agree. But that was also one... Continue Reading →


When I was a kid, I was always amazed with choirs and how they sing. I used to tell myself, "I want to be just like them." Even when we joined our church almost 15 years ago, I was amazed at how the singers sang hymns. Then I remember hearing the Hallelujah chorus being sung... Continue Reading →

A First Time For Everything

The Lord has been gracious and has given me the gift of words. But everyone who knows me deeply, know for a fact that my words are limited to that of writing. Yes, I am good in speaking, but I have never been that great when it comes to talking to people I don't know.... Continue Reading →

For This Great Country

The Pearl of the Orient, the land of my fathers, The land of the ever so brave. Your light shines as the sun's rays reflect on your oceans, Your beauty held within its mountains and hills. The Lord has blessed you ever with grandeur and grace, Your most prized treasure lies in your people Of... Continue Reading →


WARNING : Some weird shit coming up Some people can find it really easy to focus on stuff. Some can't. In my case, I make it easy for myself. If people tend to stop and focus on a certain object, they neglect everything else around them. I'm not like that. My mind usually races and... Continue Reading →


After a few months of hurdling myself in the realm of writing, I finally went back to reading books. The paperback ones. I've been so engaged in writing stuff off my head that I totally neglected the love for books, reading them in general. I had to go through the ill activity of looking for... Continue Reading →

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