I felt really lazy today. I got up at around 7 in the morning only to stare at my phone most of the morning and playing with Taru in the bed. I have a very bad sore throat, causing me to cough intensely and my head aching as well. It’s crazy.

At lunch, I asked my mom to eat out with me. She never says no when it’s me. Haha! We went to one of my favorite places in our neighborhood, Cafe la Tea. We ended up paying almost 1000 pesos, and yes, that is expensive for just two people. But we pasta for the each of us, a mocha drink, mojos, oreo cheesecake and a clubhouse sandwich. After eating, she pulled me around then ended up shopping for clothes.

If there’s anything that I always tell myself to learn and do, that’s going out alone. I sometimes hate it when I’m with my family going out, eating or just going places because I always end up paying for everything (since I’m the only one with a job) and feeding my family is no joke since we all love food very much, the reason I am overweight. But whenever my mom requests something, or whenever my brothers need anything bought, I would always end up giving them money until there’s nothing left for me.

It’s crazy, I know. I should learn to save up and keep money for future purposes that are more important. But what can I do? I love my family. I can earn money however I can. But I can never exchange my family for anything in the world.


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