​A Very Random Thought on A Saturday Night

I remember from my childhood….

I used to have this coin purse that contained some old coin versions of the Philippines. I had a few pennies and quarters there given by our American friend. Then an Italian coin. I also had coins from Japan, China and Taiwan. And if I remember correctly, there was a Singaporean dollar in it as well. It was a collection, some found, given by friends or passed on by my mom.

One day, I decided to bring it to class. As to why, I do not remember anymore. But it went missing. Since it was that sentimental to me, I searched for it. No one from my classmates said they saw or took it. So I told our teacher. What she said and did hurt my heart and I never liked her ever again.

“You have dollars in it and you can’t pay for school fees?! Good riddens it got lost,” she said. And with much conviction, walking out of the room. I settled back in my chair and didn’t mention it again. I don’t think I was able to tell my mom about it though.

It didn’t matter to her. The fact that something went missing in her room, didn’t matter. She didn’t even ask the class if anyone saw it. I was neglected.

As the last book I read quoted the main character, “She was one of those that didn’t matter.”

I was one of those people back in gradeschool, the ones that didn’t matter. Maybe that’s why I don’t have much memories about those people. Or maybe, put behind my head, in its deepest, darkest pocket, never to be remembered again, unless tranced into it.

I wonder if they remember me, my gradeschool teachers. I wish they don’t. It would be nice to walk back into that school, into their offices, then introduce myself saying, “I was one of those that didn’t matter to you people. But look at what I was able to do because of those people who genuinely wanted to end the race with me.” Then smile at them widely as they recall my face and the situations I was put in because of them, turn around and strut my way out neglecting them that don’t matter, the same thing I was to them in the not so-good days.

But then again, I’m not that mean.

Nevertheless, who knows?
This entry was first posted on March 26, 2016, a year ago, on my Facebook.


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  1. Lavender says:

    Wow. Hehehe


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