So I was walking home when there were two Chinese that walked along with me to the corner of the street to cross. Knowing that my dad used to be a highway patrol officer, I have immense respect for street signs and laws. Every morning, I would wait at the pedestrian lane for the light to turn green for me to cross. I was happy because the two Chinese men stopped when the pedestrian light was red. But then the two started laughing and nodding their head. Why?

A Filipino man started crossing the street while the light was red. They both then looked back at me then pointed at the guy, telling me something like “he’s something huh?” I just smiled and waited along with them, waiting for us to finally be able to cross the street.

It’s funny because I have always resented why people found it hard to follow very simple street signs when it’s expected from us to follow. Then when they get apprehended by officials, they make it look like the police were wrong at doing so. Stupidity.

And it is also sad to see other nationalities being able to abide to our laws but we find it so hard to do so.


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