I went home early today because mom said my cat Miss Miss, still had some babies inside her tummy, that she was only able to bring out two kittens. I didn’t have money so I had to call the vet clinic and ask fervently to allow me to pay on Saturday instead. Fortunately, they agreed.

The doctor tried to get the babies out first by pushing a finger through her hole. It didn’t work. We tried three times. Last resort was to go through an operation. It would cost me a lot but hell with that.

She went through a Ceasarean operation to get the babies out. We were just shaving her belly when I started shaking in fear. I have fear of blood, and maybe everything that involves a hospital. I had to step away when they started putting a needle through one of her arms. I already felt my heart beat fast and my knees turn jelly.

It took them about 2 hours to finish. And since I haven’t had sleep since last night, I was already weak when they were through. Good thing mom came to fetch us.

Miss Miss has three babies inside her tummy, all dead. If they ever lived, they were going to be big and beautiful cats.

So yeah. Even before my next payout, I already have no more money left. We’re not rich. But I would risk it just for my cats. I hope other people realize that, too. It’s never okay to hurt animals or become irresponsible owners. My mom would always tell us that having pets inside the house, especially when there are kids, helps the family members. How? They lower stress, they become company, they can keep you guarded. It also helps children understand responsibility and to treasure relationships, whether with peope or animals. And it’s more of a blessing if you already own pets and take care of them well.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lavender says:

    I’m sorry for your lost.
    But I agree with you.


    1. TKL_Cessa says:

      Thank you. 💜


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