The Story of Mr. Kim: Fan

I have never been a big fan of rock bands. Sure, I listen to some, but not to the extent of really merging myself with their music, style and members. Not until I met Mr. Kim’s band.

The name of their band is awkward to say but the way it’s spelled is cool. They’ve been actively doing music in South Korea since 2010 but I only got to meet them in 2015, by accident, too. But I was happy because I met the first ever band I would start loving. And no, I did not like them because of their faces. I loved them because of their music.They do electro-garage-rock so it was easier to listen to than your usual metal rock bands. And their songs talk about life, people, and very few that talk about love. And since all of them are music majors, all of their materials showcase their control, musicality and skill.

I initially liked their bassist. He looked so cool with his long hair and the way he handled his instrument despite it being heavy. He looked adorable, too with his cheeks and smile. But I was so not loyal and I went on to fall in love with their keyboardist/synthesizers, Mr. Kim.

I found him so attractive. His eyes. His smiles. His body. His talent on every instrument he has ever shown himself to play: piano, turntable, guitar, flute, harmonica, bass guitar. He was just amazing. And slowly, I saw myself so attached towards him. I fell in love.

Then something crazy started to happen.

He’s a DJ and part of his work is the night life, clubs, smoke, drinks, girls. Right, girls. Well, I never really knew if he had a girlfriend, but it would be impossible to say that he never had a fling or two especially when hot chicks appear at every club he was at. I knew it was possible. I already prepared myself for it.

One day, he announced he would be going to Japan for a show sponsored by the club he was a resident at. He was going to represent Korea with another DJ from the same club, a girl. I didn’t know who she was. She was a new name to me and I didn’t really care.

Along that same time, one of the members of his band got into an accident and was unable to join their activities. I was so worried. They had shows already lined up until July and it was just April. Because I felt like Mr. Kim needed a boost, I sent him a message on SNS, wishing him the best and that they could go on with their shows nicely as their member was getting better. I knew he would end up playing the guitar or maybe rearranging their songs so that it would become easier for all of them to perform despite not being complete.

So my message read in the end like:

“No matter what happens, always know that you are loved.”

And I guess that worked. It’s enough for me that he knows he has a fan like me some place in the world.

This will be told in multiple parts until the story progresses so please hang on.


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