‘ve been busy with work. I needed to finish entries and since I don’t a laptop pf my own and I’m only using my phone, typing is hard. But nah. I can do it. I actually finished everything already. But with my work, I need to finish five every day. I have no complains with that. I love writing.
It’s just hard trying to do work while being a daughter and sister, and also taking care of your cat.
It’s hard taking care of a cat that just gone through Ceasarean section. I have to always be on the look out for Miss Miss. She still smells like a hospital but she’s already walking and with good appetite. But I can’t let her out or stick somewhere dirty because her stitch might get infected. It’s just sad that she’s still looking for her already dead kittens. She has one left which is small and weak. She’s trying to feed it on her own despite not having enough milk. I hope it survives.
Adding to that, my other cat Taru also has these skin rashes around his penis and it’s obviously hurting him. I’ve also been noticing how he’s always weak and wanting to sleep in front of the fan. It’s been really hot lately and I guess he can’t handle it as well. I have to tend to him, too.
The life of a cat owner.
The life of a dreamer.


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