I wasn’t really needed in the office today because it was just a shoot but Kim told me it would be nice to be there so we could see what happens. I went.
The fashion site we have in the team are preparing for their photos and video tutorials. I don’t think my team would have it yet, or at least not too intricate as them. But it was worth the time to see how a shoot actually works, with the equipment, materials, production and professional photographer.

It was a good thing I came because Ayieeh didn’t have help. So as much as I can, I tried to aid her in materials. I was also helping Migs out with his stuff, the photographer. I tried to take in as much information as I can so that once it’s my turn to do a shoot, I already know what to avoid and all.

I appreciated Migs. He also talks to himself a lot when he thinks. And sonce we were in the same room as we waited for the models, I tried to bounce back ideas with him. He is can keep himself utterly focused through all the chaos at the set. I probably couldn’t do that. And I learned that he also speaks the same dialect as me. Haha! He cannot hide any more secrets from now on.

So next week, we have another shoot and I’m excited because they want to be at a resort and I swear I got excited. Hopefully, I already have ideas for my site to shoot by then.

I like this job.

It keeps my mind wondering in thoughts, making myself build it up and form into something physical, whether through words or visual representation. I still have a lot to learn though because all these professional stuff is new to me. I can throw ideas to everyone but making it work is something else and I believe that’s where we all can help each other.

Definitely no regrets in choosing this job. 


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