I just got home, from church. Had lunch ad now contemplating if I should do some work or not.

Maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t feel like it.

Maybe I should because I have to make sure I don’t end up doing a lot of workloads the rest of the week.

Maybe I shouldn’t really.

I want to think.

I’m a Christian, a Baptist to be exact. We weren’t born into the church. My mom became a member when I was already in 1st grade. We grew up in it. I was saved in 2002, at a very young age, was baptized into the church in 2004. Along the way, during my growing up years, there are a lot of times that I question my own belief, my faith, myself. But God has been faithful enough to always show me that I belong here, that my faith will not return worthless, that I am on the right path, that He is with me.

A lot of times though, people judge me, especially people from church, because I was different. I talked about sex and it’s connections freely. I love hiphop. I follow the Korean hiphop scene. I wear boyish clothes sometimes and talk like a guy. I curse. I spend time with non-Christians. I was different.

But I loved it that way.

But of course, even though I say I was still a very faithful Christian, I still do sin, I still make mistakes, I still am human.

And I was blessed by the preaching this Sunday, talking about the kind of sins the Lord does not want his chlidren doing, especially to fellow brethren. I have never hurt anyone from the brethren, or at least I have never known of anything. OMG

But it was enlightening. Even if it’s not with your churchmates, try to avoid these things as much as possible: pride, lying, violence, evil plans, fraud, naughtiness, and starting fights. It is true. And it is real that we all went through these troubles. But just as what God wants us to do, if in challenges you go through, go to Him in prayer.

I hope you had a blessed Sunday everyone.

Proverbs 6:16-19

Cessa 💜


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