To A Woman Of God

To a woman of God, there is nothing greater than love,
Her hand reaches to her family, her children, strangers and brethren,
Faith and salvation you share for others to also be witness of,
Be blessed with patience, oh woman.

To a woman of wisdom, the words of the Almighty ring all day,
Words your children hear and grow forever with in their hearts,
They thank you for the teaching and guidance and love
Be forever blessed by the One above.

To a woman of kindheartedness, in the face of adversary you walk away,
Wisdom instilled in your heart, whispers to them you must pray,
And even with a grumbled heart, to others joy you still show,
Just as the grace your God has bestowed.

To a woman of strong nature, your tears are unknown,
Your family finds strength in your arms where love has nourished full,
And at night in your loneliness when all is too great to bare,
In God’s arm you seek your care.

To a woman of God, there is nothing you would ever fear,
For your family, future, transgressions, and all in all,
Though the way be not bright, clouds of doubt windeth away,
Know that the Lord is with you always.

An original piece written by myself on May 13, 2017, in time for Mother’s Day. Cheers to all the women of God.


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