I’ve been in a mess lately. I’ve been feeling anxiety over everything. I feel as though I’ve already failed in life, a real failure. Oh life, why am I feeling this?

The hardest part is that I already lost my job. Not that I was sad about it but of course, I still haven’t seen a new one. And of course, my family awaits the money I’ll give them. And no, I haven’t told my mom about it. If I do, that’s gonna spark a new war at home.

I couldn’t just stay depressed at home though, pretending I still have work or something. I was looking for jobs online. I think I already sent my resumè to 25 jobs and checked my email every hour. I kept on praying to God to give me an option. A friend offered I apply at a BPO company. I’ve been there and I couldn’t think of coming back to a toxic company like that. But I told her, I’ll check with the jobs I applied for until Friday and see.

If I don’t get an interview until Friday, then I’m dead.

And thankfully, a message was sent to my phone from one of the companies I applied for, that they already sent me an email and is asking when I was available for an interview.
I almost cried.

God is so good.

Pray for me.


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