In Weakness

Words have become your strength,
Your weakness none else but life.
How great and mighty the four walled facade you created,
But inside out, you’re a vulnerable piece of dung.
Your walls have already started crumbling
Not because of your weakness, not because of people,
But because your soul has started giving up.
It cannot carry the weight of your walls no longer,
It cannot bear to pretend it has locked brightness within.
Defeat is nigh, your weakness visiting.
Your strength has raised its hands and wails overcome.
Despite cloudy vision, your strength prevails,
This time, in a manner that needs no letters and signs.
This will go unnoticed as foreign eyes don’t understand.
It is not you being weak, but rather becoming stronger.
Strong to admit that you can no longer talk,
Strong to admit that at this moment, you wish your eyes to speak,
Your heart to overflow and reach out its limbs.
For in times like this, you yearn for warmth,
A prevailing dream never yet uncovering itself.
Your weakness has created in you distance,
And your yearning has become impossible, irrepairable.
You are alone, cold, distant, a side none has realized.
“Could you hear my eyes?
Could you watch my whispers?
Could you listen to the way my hand writes?”
You are strong, my friend.
You are everything that you have known yourself to be.
And yet tonight, you are nothing else but weak.
Let your walls finally burn down with your agony.
Let its ashes fly away along with comfort’s whisper.
And when brand new sunshine covers the sky,
Let it sprinkle its dew of morning grace and fill you.
I will await your knees no longer on the ground facing me.
But for now, be weak.
Be weak and let your strength disappear.
Let your heart be your strength, and your tears your weapon.

Originally written by Cessa, July 28, 2017.


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