About My Days

You might have been bored or something to end up here, in a blog where you’ll probably learn nothing. But okay. let’s try to make most of your time.


Everyone calls me Cessa nowadays. It’s my blogger name. But my real name is Princess Rainnier, born in 1994 in the Philippines by parents who have interesting blood lines. I have two younger brothers and 3 orange cats that I love a lot.

I’m a pretty normal girl unless you count out the fact that my parents have jobs that I need not talk about. But why does it sound interesting? Because they used to work in uniforms. Me and my brothers are pretty normal, too counting out our current jobs that’s always so exciting and full of learning. I live pretty normal except for the times I insist on going to places and events I love to experience. I love cats, books, music, writing, languages, cultures and everything else that involves having to learn something new. (I love the color purple, too, by the way).

This isn’t my first blog. I have one other blog that talks about music. This new blog, I’m dedicating to myself.

I didn’t have much of an exciting childhood compared to others, but I have always been blessed. And as I was growing older, things keep getting better. And that’s why I want to finally be able to talk about my life in a more free manner, and I’m letting you guys take a look. I had diaries before, until now, to be very honest. But since I’m always online, it’s getting harder to really write on paper. So I thought, why not just put it on a blog?

Everything here will be from my everyday musings, photos that I took, people I want to talk to, music I’m currently listening to, events I went to, friends I had a chance to talk to, everything! I hope that in the long run, I get to talk about things that really matter and hope that you guys learn from my experiences as well.

Feel free to talk to me here or on my social media accounts or email (cessaporal@gmail.com). I’m always available, and I’m always happy to meet a new friend.