After a few months of hurdling myself in the realm of writing, I finally went back to reading books. The paperback ones. I've been so engaged in writing stuff off my head that I totally neglected the love for books, reading them in general. I had to go through the ill activity of looking for... Continue Reading →



A question came up in my head while sitting on my office desk. How do you properly adapt to society? to people? Because deep inside, I don't know how to do it. I vaguely remember growing up as a kid my mother wanted to become prim and proper. I was an only girl in the... Continue Reading →


Death. It's something I'm not scared of. I can proudly and happily say that I can welcome death when it comes knocking on my door. What I fear is the way of dying, the pain, the agony, the amount of resources one should spend only regain a small amount of hope for a longer life.... Continue Reading →

The Story Of Mr. Kim : Coincidences

It stopped happening, the notices, the coincidences, the thought of each other. When 2017 kicked in, I was already becoming so occupied with work and my own life. Some opportunities came my way and I had to stop being so much of a fangirl. He was also hauled up with shows every weekend, whether with... Continue Reading →


What makes you smile? Please tell me. I try to do so but nothing comes out right anymore. I smile whenever I listen to my favorite songs. They either make me smile, dance or cry along. Nowadays, I listen and it means nothing. I don't smile, I don't cry either. I just sit there... Listening.... Continue Reading →


I just released an interview I had with a Korean hiphop artist yesterday on my blog. Although the artist wasn't really famous, I had the best experience talking to him because he did not have the slightest sense of being shy or caring about his image. He was a really down-to-earth kind of person. So... Continue Reading →


I've been in a mess lately. I've been feeling anxiety over everything. I feel as though I've already failed in life, a real failure. Oh life, why am I feeling this? The hardest part is that I already lost my job. Not that I was sad about it but of course, I still haven't seen... Continue Reading →

Me… Maybe

I use SNS because I found out that it does not judge me. It does not ask me to talk about sensitive things I don't want to. It does not tease me. It does not instruct me. It does not pervert my thoughts. It does not insist things to me. It does not make me... Continue Reading →


I just got home, from church. Had lunch ad now contemplating if I should do some work or not. Maybe I shouldn't. I don't feel like it. Maybe I should because I have to make sure I don't end up doing a lot of workloads the rest of the week. Maybe I shouldn't really. I... Continue Reading →


My mom is like.... "Quit that night job. It's dangerous, the pay won't be able to cover it if you get mobbed outside or something." Self gets day job with a lower pay and she goes... "Quit that job if you aren't even paid enough for the job you do." My mom is like... "Stop... Continue Reading →


It's a shitty day. I have to do work but the internet is a bitch. I live in a country where the speed of internet, is something South Korea would curse on. And I had to finish uploads of articles. Oh well. And what do you know? My dad came. Then him and mom both... Continue Reading →


I wasn't really needed in the office today because it was just a shoot but Kim told me it would be nice to be there so we could see what happens. I went. The fashion site we have in the team are preparing for their photos and video tutorials. I don't think my team would... Continue Reading →

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