Of Suffering

"OF SUFFERING" They imagine paths of floral petals left at every graceful sway of your form, But the road is devoured as daggers of pain and agony shoot from those weary feet. Yet the soil graces each thrusts of sharp edges that fall into its folds, The pool of your tears entering the slits of... Continue Reading →


Hi! My Name is Keji!

I was born into a small house in a very quiet neighborhood. I can't remember who my mother was anymore. Maybe she looked like me, or maybe my brother. I don't know. But what I do remember is that they gave us away. It was a sad day, I agree. But that was also one... Continue Reading →

A First Time For Everything

The Lord has been gracious and has given me the gift of words. But everyone who knows me deeply, know for a fact that my words are limited to that of writing. Yes, I am good in speaking, but I have never been that great when it comes to talking to people I don't know.... Continue Reading →

For This Great Country

The Pearl of the Orient, the land of my fathers, The land of the ever so brave. Your light shines as the sun's rays reflect on your oceans, Your beauty held within its mountains and hills. The Lord has blessed you ever with grandeur and grace, Your most prized treasure lies in your people Of... Continue Reading →

Look What Came In The Mail!

Sadly, among my circle of friends that love Korean hiphop, there's not much, to actually none, that admire the people under Beasts And Natives. However, I met a very good friend online who shares the same love for them as I do. I'm quite blessed she's a Korean living in South Korea. We've shared the... Continue Reading →

In Weakness

Words have become your strength, Your weakness none else but life. How great and mighty the four walled facade you created, But inside out, you're a vulnerable piece of dung. Your walls have already started crumbling Not because of your weakness, not because of people, But because your soul has started giving up. It cannot... Continue Reading →

To A Woman Of God

To a woman of God, there is nothing greater than love, Her hand reaches to her family, her children, strangers and brethren, Faith and salvation you share for others to also be witness of, Be blessed with patience, oh woman. To a woman of wisdom, the words of the Almighty ring all day, Words your... Continue Reading →

My High Will Always EPIK

Last April 18, 2015 has been one of the best days of my fangirl life. And I’m sorry for posting it so late! I was just kinda tied up. So let me tell you about one of the most EPIK days of my life. It was 2010 when I was introduced to numerous other KPOP... Continue Reading →

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