When He Said “Delete that”, We Started Something New

It was Sunday morning and I was going through the routine of cooking breakfast and preparing for church. I got the kettle on for that morning's batch of coffee and hot bath for myself and mom. The brothers were choosing their clothes for the day. I sat down as my fish simmered to a boil.... Continue Reading →


Who I Want to Be?

When I looked for a new job, I told myself that I'll look for one that would just make me survive everyday. It's no use looking for my dream because first, I didn't know what my dream job actually is. Secondly, there's no use looking for a favored job as long as I have one,... Continue Reading →

The Story of Mr. Kim : Attention

He went to Japan and stayed there for 2 days, I think. I was getting better at stalking him and other DJs, too. I was sort of sad, because a lot of girls in Japan wanted a photo with him. Why was he even so good-looking and cool? Around the same time, too, I started... Continue Reading →

The Story of Mr. Kim: Fan

I have never been a big fan of rock bands. Sure, I listen to some, but not to the extent of really merging myself with their music, style and members. Not until I met Mr. Kim's band. The name of their band is awkward to say but the way it's spelled is cool. They've been... Continue Reading →


I am delusional. I'm a fan. You're my favorite. I'm in love. You're attracted to someone else. I know you. You don't even notice me. We're two different people living two different world in two different countries. But I love you. Damn it. I do. I did my best to show you my love and... Continue Reading →

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