To A Woman Of God

To a woman of God, there is nothing greater than love, Her hand reaches to her family, her children, strangers and brethren, Faith and salvation you share for others to also be witness of, Be blessed with patience, oh woman. To a woman of wisdom, the words of the Almighty ring all day, Words your... Continue Reading →



I just got home, from church. Had lunch ad now contemplating if I should do some work or not. Maybe I shouldn't. I don't feel like it. Maybe I should because I have to make sure I don't end up doing a lot of workloads the rest of the week. Maybe I shouldn't really. I... Continue Reading →


My mom is like.... "Quit that night job. It's dangerous, the pay won't be able to cover it if you get mobbed outside or something." Self gets day job with a lower pay and she goes... "Quit that job if you aren't even paid enough for the job you do." My mom is like... "Stop... Continue Reading →


It's a shitty day. I have to do work but the internet is a bitch. I live in a country where the speed of internet, is something South Korea would curse on. And I had to finish uploads of articles. Oh well. And what do you know? My dad came. Then him and mom both... Continue Reading →


I wasn't really needed in the office today because it was just a shoot but Kim told me it would be nice to be there so we could see what happens. I went. The fashion site we have in the team are preparing for their photos and video tutorials. I don't think my team would... Continue Reading →

The Story of Mr. Kim : Attention

He went to Japan and stayed there for 2 days, I think. I was getting better at stalking him and other DJs, too. I was sort of sad, because a lot of girls in Japan wanted a photo with him. Why was he even so good-looking and cool? Around the same time, too, I started... Continue Reading →


've been busy with work. I needed to finish entries and since I don't a laptop pf my own and I'm only using my phone, typing is hard. But nah. I can do it. I actually finished everything already. But with my work, I need to finish five every day. I have no complains with... Continue Reading →

This is me. Not so round eyes. Button nose (covered by my phone). Glasses. Round face. Wavy, dark brown hair. Taller than the average Filipina. Do I even look Asian? I don't know.

The Story of Mr. Kim: Fan

I have never been a big fan of rock bands. Sure, I listen to some, but not to the extent of really merging myself with their music, style and members. Not until I met Mr. Kim's band. The name of their band is awkward to say but the way it's spelled is cool. They've been... Continue Reading →


I went home early today because mom said my cat Miss Miss, still had some babies inside her tummy, that she was only able to bring out two kittens. I didn't have money so I had to call the vet clinic and ask fervently to allow me to pay on Saturday instead. Fortunately, they agreed.... Continue Reading →

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